How To Seduce a Married Woman

married woman need fulfilling sexIn learning how to seduce a married woman first off you need to realize it’s a slightly different approach to seducing a single woman. Most men like married women for a few different reasons. Right here I’m going to give you the benefits of being with a married woman then tell you exactly how to seduce her.

1. Seducing a married woman is great because it will be a mostly sexual relationship. Yes there is mental cheating with a connection but for the most part a married woman wants to have a sexual affair or point blank get laid. Since she’s already married there is no worry about commitment because she will more than likely not be willing to go through a divorce especially if she has children involved.

2. The “dates” are usually at private places such as your place, a hotel or if you’re daring enough her place & bed. Keep in mind to seduce a married woman, going out in public runs a risk of her being caught so it has to be a discrete place as well as the relationship.

3. Since a married woman is likely to have an affair mainly for sex she is willing to let out her wild side more. Ladies try to uphold a wholesome image to their husbands and tend not to explore their wild sides to not appear slutty. So in short, how do you seduce a married woman? Make it clear off the bat not to portray the good girl image you have of her. She has a wild side she wants to unleash.

The truth is as being just her lover, knowing she is married she is far more open to do things with you she won’t do or stopped doing with her husband. This can be oral with swallowing or allowing you to give her a facial, anal or even some other light fetish things. The key to seducing a married woman is to let her know you’re discrete & she will be willing to let you do things to you some of your ex girlfriends wouldn’t even let you do with them. Again she has a wild side she WANTS to let out.

So how to seduce a married woman into a sexual relationship?

1. Like above showing her you are discrete is key here. She can not run the risk of getting caught by you bragging around town about this and it getting back to her husband. Make it clear to her that you are not looking for a serious relationship.

2. After some time being a married woman and maybe aging, I’m talking even girls in their late 20’s, early 30’s and beyond they are afraid that they are becoming less attractive. They want to be seduced and you need to make her feel and even tell her that you find her sexy and hot. After the initial phase of the dating/marriage wears off most men stop telling their wives this and certainly don’t make them feel sexy and compliment them like they used to.

3. Since the affair will be revolved around mostly sex make sure to to teasingly make references to sex and and give some light remarks of what you want to do to her. Make sure it’s nothing too dirty and not too direct otherwise you will come off looking like a horny pervert but to seduce a married woman successfully be sure to hint at her wild side which she wants to unleash.

It is fun & exciting to be in a relationship with a married woman when you learn how to seduce her properly. Follow the above key points and you are heads up above the rest of guys for having a wild kinky short term relationship with a married woman.

One of the best places looking for a naughty married woman who’s frisky is online. Yes I know it sounds stupid but married women are trying to be low key on dating sites. They may have profiles with no pics so not to get caught cheating red-handed. Otherwise they use more anonymous sites like Craigslist to have an affair.