How To Get a Hot Girl

How do you get a hot girlfriend?

hot girlfriendFor the most part men don’t know how to get a hot girl AKA a girl they are physically attracted to because they are afraid to go up to her and just talk to her. The hotter the girl is the less likely a guy is to approach her.

Here’s a big secret guys: Hot and attractive women are not as bitchy and snobby as you may think. Granted some of them are but that is their problem and their loss. We don’t want women stuck on herself anyways, it is a huge headache.

A lot of hot girls have their guards up because they have men being nice to them daily. Guys will smile, be overly friendly and even bend over backwards for a hot woman. They experience this on a daily basis. It is a huge turnoff because guys are being nice to them because of their looks alone.

They know these guys wouldn’t spring up to open a door or give a friendly Hi! to a fat or non attractive girl. This is being fake and for the most part just to get down their panties. This will repulse a hot woman like nobodies business.

So a rule of thumb is don’t be overly nice to a hot girl based on looks alone. There is a lot of information online on how to get a hot girl and admittedly some of it is good advice and tips while some of it is pure crap, period.

First let’s take a look at why most men will find it impossible to get a hot girl.

– Most men are scared to say hi in a forward way to a beautiful woman at bars and clubs. They have a fear of being rejected, looking like fool in front of friends or even getting drink thrown in face if too forward and saying something ballsy.

Out and about they may be busy. Bars/clubs with their crew of girls so the bitch shields come up quickly. Even pudgy/homely women think they’re hot girls with group of friends as the energy rubs off on them.

Internet = girl alone/bored & more receptive to chat. More calm atmosphere at home. Defenses are down so she’s more receptive to be open to you so better chance of showing her your personality while she shows you some cool things about her as well.

Confidence, make her laugh, don’t overdo compliments as most guys do especially on physical appearances with hot girl. Compliment on something on the inside (No not the fact that they’re all pink inside) but if she writes or better yet when she’s on phone and says something witty etc. Make it genuine, don’t look for something to compliment her on. But if she says something witty, creative, kind etc. let her know such as “You seem like an intelligent girl, I guess you’re more than just blond hair & a pretty set of eyes – you have a brain too =)”

Once again there are an abundance of hot girls online right now in your area looking to chat & hook up.


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