Looking To Get Laid Tonight?

If your intention is to hook up, the internet will give you the BEST chance at this. While there are a lot of junk bogus sites out there, there are a few sites that will help you rack up notches on your bedpost.

It all started when I was dumped by a girl I… well let’s say cared about deeply to put it mildly. You’ve been there too I’m sure right?

As my Uncle Chuck says “The only way to get over a girl is to get on top of another woman… or 3″.


A couple months went by & I realized I needed to get laid. I was determined to stick my penis in a random girls vagina. I went out with my buddies to the bar & was talking to a few girls but none of these women could hold a candle to my ex. I would be seriously downgrading by sleeping with them out of pure desperation. So I went home alone that night to make even more knuckle babies.

I signed up to a dating site, messaged the 3 hottest girls that lived within 5 miles of me. How many of them 3 girls messaged back?  You guessed it right, a big fat zero!  My sex life was still going nowhere and fast. It was at the point where my penis felt like it was inside of a glass case that read: “Break in case of emergency”. Unfortunately there were no emergencies of women looking to get laid… By me at least =(

One night I decided to man up and was determined to get laid on a dating site. I used law of averages and messaged & sent IM’s to a ton of women. I wasn’t in a position to be picky if I was going to get my penis wet again. My criteria  for who I sent a message was simple. I started with women who were online. I would look at her pics and decided would I hit it Yes/No? If it was yes, she would get a message. If no, I would move on to the next women online. I was looking to hook up after all, not meet the love of my life.

I soon realized online dating sites were loaded with women looking for intimate encounters aka no-strings sex. Just be sure to practice safe sex when  having sex with strangers. When I started mass messaging fuckable girls and met up, I seen with my own eyes (and penis) girls who were online & looking for casual sex. Not the typical “dating” thing. Do you know how this came about?

With Facebook & social networking sites becoming popular, everyone’s online now. Dating sites now have MORE woman than ever on them. And we must thank the woman who wanted equal rights who are now working more, with full college loads etc. People are busy! Cleanup time.

So do you think you can get laid tonight?

Hence the internet & it allows women to unleash their inner-animal instinct & they can hook up no strings attached with the soul intention of getting laid fast. Because well, sex is a part of any relationship right? Women are looking to get down and dirty fast. And guys you will know from first few minutes of talking to her on the phone then more importantly when you meet her “for a drink”.

woman looking to get laid online With free sites like Plenty of Fish & OKCupid as well as some more adult type dating sites, these girls can discretely look for dates while sitting at home in their panties.. How does them being alone, horny and looking for a discrete roll in the hay serve you?

Well for one they lose the social stigma of being looked upon as a “slut” by their friends. Dude, you don’t know their friends & they don’t know yours. Women know guys brag about their conquests. So if you brag to your friends about it, who cares! They got nothing to lose right?


These girls you meet online will open up their naughty side to you, telling you their primal most desires. She will not only let you BUT beg you to put it in her butt. Mark a spot on her body where you want to blow your nut & done! She will gladly swallow, no questions asked.

So to answer your question “how to get laid fast” all I can say is to join some websites & see for yourself.

Guys this is life changing stuff here.

You like & respect women right? Of course you do so it’s your duty to give them what they desire deep down. Rock her freakin’ socks man. Do stuff to her she won’t openly share with a “boyfriend” until much later on… if ever!

So you have 3 choices here if you’re looking to get laid fast:

1) You can mosey on down to your local bar & hope you “get lucky” by finding a chick who’s looking to get laid.

2) Send some texts out to women you slept with in the past

3) Go straight to online dating websites where there are women whos soul intention is “dating” AKA to get laid AND tonight!

The choice is all yours & I wish you the best of luck to change your life… for the better. Have fun when you get laid tonight!

Hook Up!

Hooray for blowjobs! Online dating sites are the place to be if you’re looking for horny women for random flings.